Hola Rico’s birthday

Dear customers,


Jul 14th is Hola Rico’s birthday. To celebrate it, Hola Rico prepared a gift for the lucky guys who have the same birthday as me. Because you are my birthday mate, may joy come to you in heaps and may life come to you in its fullness.




How to Get the Gift:

Are you the lucky one who was born on Jul 14th? If yes, just comment on the post below to tell me, then we will give you the coupon code via Facebook message.



Click here: https://twitter.com/HolaRico2/status/1414777203095588867

How to Use It:




You can shop the milk frother in the picture above with the coupon code through our website.

Web Link: https://holarico.com/products/milk-frother


Welcome to know more about Hola Rico!

Click Here: https://holarico.com/


Hola Rico





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